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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trend setting

I saw a good friend of mine's Facebook post. She'd seen an ad from Facebook, one that algorithm spits out at you. You know what I'm talking about. She said it told her she had a bad sense of fashion. These ads are pretty fucking insensitive. They've told me I need to get a Bosley hair transplant, lose weight, and even learn how to write. And while all of this may be true for me, that ad isn't true for her. Here's the thing, if you look unique, not like everyone else, that means you do have a sense of fashion. You're a fucking trend setter. You can't start a trend looking like the fucking herd.

So, anyway, I feel this applies to anyone out there who feels they don't belong or they look different or their dress style is different. You're unique for a reason. You're not a loser or an outsider or a piece of shit. You're a fucking trend setter, not yet discovered.

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