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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cannibal gets released early?

You learn something new every day. I'd never heard of this fucked up Chicago "Ripper Crew" before reading the article I posted below, but apparently these motherfuckers drove around town in a red van in the 70s, looking for women to kill and eat...at least according to what I read. 

According to the article, "They cut off their victims’ breasts often while the women were still alive, as part of cannibalistic, sexual rituals" (foxnews.com).

One of these alleged sonsofbitches, Thomas Kokoraleis, may be hitting the streets pretty soon, if the parole goes through. According to the article, this well-behaved cannibal's brother Andrew was the last person executed in Chicago, back in 1999.  

Thomas did not suffer the same fate because his guilty conviction in the murder of one of the Ripper Crew's victims was overturned due to a legal error.

Looking at the mugshot, it is also apparent that if the crew did sacrifice their victims to Satan, part of the bargain was not a full head of hair or a stunning physique. 

This is extremely fucked up if this Ripper Crew member did in fact kill and eat parts of his victims. If this is true, it might be a good idea to keep this motherfucker behind bars, eating wieners. 

Sick world, sick fucks, sick, sick, sick.

I'm out. Peace.


"Member of cannibalistic Chicago 'Ripper Crew' to be released in September." Foxnews.com. 12, Aug. 2017. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/12/member-cannibalistic-chicago-ripper-crew-to-be-released-in-september.html

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trend setting

I saw a good friend of mine's Facebook post. She'd seen an ad from Facebook, one that algorithm spits out at you. You know what I'm talking about. She said it told her she had a bad sense of fashion. These ads are pretty fucking insensitive. They've told me I need to get a Bosley hair transplant, lose weight, and even learn how to write. And while all of this may be true for me, that ad isn't true for her. Here's the thing, if you look unique, not like everyone else, that means you do have a sense of fashion. You're a fucking trend setter. You can't start a trend looking like the fucking herd.

So, anyway, I feel this applies to anyone out there who feels they don't belong or they look different or their dress style is different. You're unique for a reason. You're not a loser or an outsider or a piece of shit. You're a fucking trend setter, not yet discovered.

The man who allegedly loved donkeys too much (not a democrat)

Interestingly enough, I read an article from Fox news about a man who was allegedly fucking donkeys. Now, I know, you're thinking Fox news, man allegedly fucking donkeys, this must be something political. Trust me, your boy don't do politics.

So here's a cap of the story I read:

A man was, according to Fox news, apparently stepping out at night, creeping over to a donkey's place and doing some unmentionable things to some ass, both figuratively and literally.

He now faces charges of bestiality, criminal trespassing, and cruelty to animals. Apparently a field camera caught the man feeding a jackass, then putting a bag over the donkey's head and "placing his pelvis against the rear of the animal" (Fox news article).

When told he had been captured on camera doing some unmentionable shit, the man apparently said he smoked bud and weed made him do some "sick things" (Fox news article). There was no other mention in the article about the quality of the weed or where he had purchased said product.

I know, not from personal experience or anything like that, that some weed does get the "bug spray treatment" or is laced with some other products. However, this is the first time I have ever heard of weed being used as an excuse for the shit mentioned above.

This is your boy, reporting to you live from his trailer. Stay posted for more trivial bullshit. JP out, motherfuckers.


"Arkansas man arrested, accused of having sex with family's pet donkey." Foxnews.com. (21 Aug. 2017). http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/01/arkansas-man-arrested-accused-having-sex-with-familys-pet-donkey.html

If you too lazy to read, see some video:https://youtu.be/wN_rDgnF_jU

Winnie the Pooh the book review. It is awesome as can be

Up until a couple months ago I never realized Winnie the Pooh was a book. I just thought it was a teddy bear cartoon with a weird little whispering bear that liked to rub his tummy and didn't wear pants, some little gender questionable pig, and a suicidal little donkey with a nail in his ass.

I went to the library one bright sunny morning and discovered it was a book. Not only was it a book, but it was the best book I have ever read. It took two months to read Winnie the Pooh but I learned more about life reading that book than I ever had before.

Winnie the Pooh is a difficult, often times highly emotional book to get through, but it is a rewarding experience. I give it a difficulty level of ten (it took me two months to read  and absorb it), but I enjoyed it almost as much as steak and egg deals at the Huddle House or drinking Natty Ice at that place of ill repute me and Peaches liked to go to back in the day.

5 Stars out of Five