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Friday, March 8, 2013

Chill with a free copy of Ice Cream Man!!!

That's right, my friends, family and country mens and womens, ICE CREAM MAN is on sale for free from today, March 8, until Tuesday, March 12. Download your free copy now and help me reach the masses. Please share this post and help me rise above the single digits during this great piece of literary shit's promotional period! Much love to all of y'all!

In 1984 three boys shot and killed an ice cream man in an attempted robbery. But instead of being charged with murder, the boys were made heroes for stopping the Pussy Willow Maniac.

They thought it was over, that they were safe. The Pussy Willow Maniac was dead and buried. But now, 28 years later, the Ice Cream Man has returned from the dead to serve the boys their just desserts.

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