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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Busy Week in the Life of a Lazy M.F.

Dear Partnas in Crime:

Man, I been scrambling lately. Scrambling at the motel to paint the walls and watch the womens in the pool, and scrambling with my writing career.

I marked some recent milestones:

1. I had my first on air interview at the Funky Werepig. I was a little drunk, so I say some pretty nonsensical shit at times. You can check that shit out here:

2. Points in Case piked yo boy's column up for syndication. That's right, once a week I'm gonna be writing my tales of love, adventure and heartbreak.

3. Bad Billy sold it's 20th copy. The Ice Cream Man being made into a motion picture by me and my boy Willie B. We currently filming near Hardee's.

4. I re-released one of the nastiest short stories ever written, and it's available for free until Sunday on Amazon.com. "Bitch Gone Crazy in the Attic" is an adult story. You can download that motherfucker for free right here:

Until next, time, much love!

Jimmy James Pudge, M.F.