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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ice Cream Man free on Amazon, June 15-16

Get Ice Cream Man for free!

Dear Partnas in Crime,

This literary masterpiece or horrible book, depending on your tastes, will be free today and tomorrow on Amazon.com. So download this shit before it melts!


In 1984 three boys shot and killed an ice cream man in an attempted robbery. But instead of being charged with murder, the boys were made heroes for stopping the Pussy Willow Maniac.

They thought it was over, that they were safe. The Pussy Willow Maniac was dead and buried.But now the Ice Cream Man has returned from Hell to serve the boys their just desserts.

Rave Reviewz for Ice Cream Man

"Damn, Jimmy, this manuscript smells like you had it hid up your asshole."
--Offica Allen, Jimmy's porbation officer

"Get the fuck out my face, motherfucker."
--Little Hammer Time

"I'll have to read that book one day, Jimmy."
--Jimmy's new girlfriend he picked up at the Chevron Station and took to eat at the Cracker Barrel the other night.

"It's clear from this garbage you have sociopathic tendencies
--Jimmy's psychologist, Dr. Fred.

"Which one is Ice Cream Man?"
--Willie B., Jimmy's illustrator.


  1. no rave review from the waitress who waited on you at the Cracker Barrel?

    1. Oh man, talk about bad service. She didn't even give me a refill and her face looked like she was chewing on a bulb of raw garlic. If it hadn't been for my date, I wouldn't have left her a tip at all. Naw, man, no rave review from her. Thanks for posting, brother!

  2. This book is the bomb. Its better than sex with a double headed Bomb pop yawl. Get this one now. Do not hesitate.